Friday, January 22, 2010

Still Here

As you can see I finished up with our vacation and then took a vacation from writing on here, again! Nothing exciting is going on here. Brian went back to work last Sunday, after two and a half months of leave. You would think I would be standing at the door with his lunch in my hand, ready to see him off. Not the case. I still have quite a few honey-dos for him to finish around the house and with him back to work I know they will not get done. Friday is the only day off he has right now and all morning he worked on his computer doing stuff for work.

I find myself being extremely unmotivated. I know there's a new one, huh? I am planning on getting out more with my camera and taking pictures. It is so easy to use the weather as an excuse. It has been snowing, it's too cold, whatever. I know them all. I have used them all. I need to stop making excuses and start doing. This goes for so many things in my life. My diet and exercise, my family time and pretty much any other part of my life I can think of. Okay this is getting a little too heavy. Just wanted to write a little so you know I have not given up on here :) Til next time.

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Angy said...

hey Di, we've all been there. Just try again tomorrow. Don't give up, set a goal and then strive for it. Even if it is just getting outside to take photos.