Sunday, June 20, 2010

What's Happening With Me

So Brian is deployed yet again and he wants me to do a better job of updating my blog while he is away. So much has happened lately. The boys finished another year of school. After a pretty hard year for E he finished his last quarter on the Honor Roll. I was very proud, but knew he had it in him all along. A got 4 awards on the last day of school. First he got the Golden Bear award. This is a very special award that each teacher gives out to one student each quarter. He was very excited to get it. Then he got a award signed by the president. This is an all around achievement award. He also got an award for having his poem selected in the Showcase. A book that is made up of artwork and poems from the students throughout Europe. His last award was for participating in the Red Cross Club. All in all the boys had a great year.

I just finished taking a photography class. I learned quite a bit and I am having more fun using my camera. I think my interest is mostly in Macro photography. I like getting close up and seeing lots of detail. I have been taking a lot of flower pictures lately.

We have been having a time with our minivan. After only having the van for 15 months and 17,000 miles I had to replace the brakes on it. I thought it was strange but figured maybe the factory brakes where cheap. Then after another 8 months I had to replace them again. Neither time did the warranty cover the charges. I read online that this is a common problem with the type of van we have and we can expect to continue to replace the brakes every 6 months or so indefinitely. So I am going to prepare the van to sell and we are going to get a new car.

It is very late and I need to hit the hay so I will write more soon.

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